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G2 Tech Man Remote Unlock

Sale price$99.98

1. Wifi and internet remote control

2. Free SDK and API

3. Change your password remotely via the internet

4. When the user opens the door, the administrator receives a message in real time

5. Wifi and mobile internet remote control

6. This smart app can be used as time assistance

7. Standby time is up to 12 months, when the battery is about to run out, the system will have sound and light warning

8. Remotely display the status of the door, open or closed

9. 128-bit AES encryption to avoid all hidden dangers of hackers


Standards: Bluetooth v4.0 specification (Smart Bluetooth)

Dimensions: L68 x W68 x H25mm

Available colorwhite: white

Operating voltage: 220V

G2 Tech Man Remote Unlock
G2 Tech Man Remote Unlock Sale price$99.98