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Wonder Woman Handbags. 5 Different Colors! Price Drop!

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Laushway Toy Store

Sale price$100.00

Product information:

Model: restless
Applicable age: 14 years old and above
Applicable gender: unisex
Toy type: Top
Color classification: Black alloy die-casting (136 grams), red alloy die-casting (136 grams), gold alloy die-casting (136 grams), purple alloy die-casting (136 grams), blue alloy die-casting (136 grams), green alloy die-casting (136 grams) ), No. 1 machine color matching, Iron Man color matching, Spider-Man, Thanos color matching, Ocean green color matching, Ocean blue color matching, Gold black, Black gold, Iron Man color matching mix and match, EVA No. 1 machine mix and match, Captain America, Restless Ice Crystal Titanium Stove ( yellow)

SIize: H26mm*45mm(closed) / 60mm(expanded)

Packing list:

Gyro toy*1

Laushway Toy Store
Laushway Toy Store Sale price$100.00