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DIY Lobo Roller Coaster

Sale price$139.99

Roller Coaster Level 3 Roller Coaster Level 3 Luminous Edition
Length, width and height (cm) after assembly: 71 * 20 * 36 cm
Total track length: 16m
3 steel balls

"Twisted space" is a model where players can freely combine, so that one steel ball can be infinite through the erected track
The circular rotation allows players to fully experience the beauty of space distortion and the thrill of movement.
The roller coaster is a very attractive model building. It is a change that makes people who own it want to show off through it.
Endless toys. The variability of roller coaster, roller coaster provides you with joints, materials, heart, you want it to be long
Whatever it looks like, it is completely achievable. There are a lot of cattlemen assembled by roller coasters. They have created sky roller coasters.
The car always makes us sigh and admire it.



DIY Lobo Roller Coaster
DIY Lobo Roller Coaster Sale price$139.99