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4 Head Vacuum machine

Sale price$4,999.99

Product information:
Overall dimension: 680 * 420 * 840mm
Number of filling heads: 4
Filling volume: 5-500 (ml)
Applicable bottle height: less than 200 (mm)
Applicable objects: cosmetics, skin care products, alcoholic beverages
Specification: 4 heads/220V, 4 heads/110V

Vacuum Filling: With 4 pneumatic vacuum filling nozzles, it can fill liquid accurately. The nozzles are with back suction function and liquid level line, enabling it to suck the redundant liquid back, which ensures filling accuracy.
Adjustable Working Height:The height of nozzles can be adjusted as needed, making it suitable for bottles of different heights. Easy to operate.
Intelligent Control System:With electric eye, it will detect bottles and control the machine to work automatically, saving labor cost.
Positioning Plate:It is with positioning plate, good for placing bottles. Improve work efficiency.
Wide Application: This machine is suitable for filling low-viscosity liquid, such as perfume, essential oil, beverage, etc.

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Color:4heads 110V
Electrical outlet:
4 Head Vacuum machine
4 Head Vacuum machine Sale price$4,999.99